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Employee Benefits

It has become increasingly difficult for some employers to find skilled workers to fill job openings, with growing competition between employers to get their jobs noticed.

Biddle Insurance Services works with employers to develop insurance and employee benefit programs to attract and reward skilled employees. As you consider your employee benefit strategies, consider the following questions:

  • Are your compensation and employee benefit strategies competitive enough to recruit, retain and reward your potential and current employees?
  • Are your employee benefit programs flexible?
  • Do your compensation plans include "signing" and "milestone" bonuses?
  • Does your "Long Term" Compensation include Profit/Equity Sharing, Retirement Plans and Disability benefits?
  • Does your "Short Term" Compensation include Flex Time, Telecommuting, Childcare Strategies, Medical, Dental and Life Insurance benefits?

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Service Offerings

Biddle can aid your company's efforts to recruit and retain high-quality employees by helping you develop a competitive compensation package.